Seconds Pro Interval Timer App

Training for my first half iron distance triathlon, 2015 Beach2Battleship, I quickly realized that I needed a coach, so I hired Jamie Church of Tri Your Best (TYB). It’s been a good relationship. I think this may be the first event I’ve trained for longer than a 10K where I haven’t injured myself. Once I […]

Hartwell YMCA Sprint Triathlon

The Hartwell YMCA sprint triathlon is a great little race just over the Georgia/SC border. It also features an Olympic triathlon that starts a half hour before the sprint and shares some of the bike and all of the run course. This was a new event for me, and I wholeheartedly recommend it. It was […]

Going Beyond the Sprint

Every Fall I try to go long. Usually it’s a running event like Triple Lakes trail marathon, Medoc trail marathon or Crooked Road 24 hour ultra. This year I was thinking about doing something different. I was thinking about going for some serious triathlon distance. I started looking at races and kind of sort of […]

Open Water Swim Progress

For some time now I’ve been looking to up my triathlon game. I want to go longer and move up to the international and half iron distances. Going longer means open water swimming. Going longer means getting over my fear of open water swimming. If you read my Barberitos Sprint Triathlon race report, you heard […]

A Week of Healthy Lunches

I had a serious case of the brown bag blues. So I decided to shake things up and explore some healthy options for lunch. This of course lead me to the Internet and a Google search for healthy lunch ideas. This website offered 35 quick and healthy low-calorie lunches. I picked five recipes prepared them, […]

Your 1st Pool-Swim Sprint Triathlon

Most triathletes get their start in the sport by racing a sprint triathlon based in a local pool. This experience can be horrifying or exhilarating or maybe a bit of both. Let’s take a look at what race day looks like at a typical pool swim sprint triathlon. Knowing how the race usually plays out […]

The Well-Built Triathlete

This week I’m reviewing the Well-Built Triathlete by Matt Dixon. I enjoyed the book and found it informative and thought provoking. I particularly enjoyed his sections debunking the myths of triathlon swimming, cycling and running. This is not meant to be a comprehensive book review. I’m mostly going to talk about how Dixon’s views challenged […]

Crooked Road 24 Hour Ultra

Last November I found myself once again at Waid Park in Rocky Mount, VA, facing a 0.950423 mile loop with one “hill” and a 24-hour time limit. I was taking my second crack at the Crooked Road 24 Hour Ultra. I was hoping to use the lessons I learned from the 2012 race to push […]