7 Signs You Have an Annoying Training Partner

  1. While out running with your training partner you sight a tornado, and they insist on running at least three more miles to stay on their training plan.
  2. Your training partner plans summer runs and bike rides around the ice cream truck schedule.
  3. Your training partner signed you up for a group exercise class that involved squats and impressionist painting which frankly was better than last year’s class doing lunges and bonsai tree trimming.
  4. Your training partner decided to combine the fireman’s carry with the farmer’s carry and walked around the weightroom carrying you and two 75-pound dumbbells.
  5. On winter runs they wore a weight vest which later inspection revealed did not have weights but was stuffed with chemical hand warmers.
  6. Your training partner once played a hip hop opera based on the Wizard of Oz on a bluetooth speaker installed on their mountain bike.
  7. On a trail run your training partner asks if you have a spare gel, wants to know if you will share half of your energy bar and uses some of your moleskin for a blister. Back at the trailhead, they wonder aloud if you would be better off with a smaller hydration vest.

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