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Training for my first half iron distance triathlon, 2015 Beach2Battleship, I quickly realized that I needed a coach, so I hired Jamie Church of Tri Your Best (TYB). It’s been a good relationship. I think this may be the first event I’ve trained for longer than a 10K where I haven’t injured myself.

Once I started getting workouts for Jamie it also became obvious that I needed a good interval timer app. For example:

“After a nice and relaxed warm up of at least 10 minutes, do 4 x 2:00 Zone 5/HARD intervals with a full 2:00 easy recovery b/w intervals. After the last Zone 5/HARD interval and recovery, do a 1 x 8:00 Zone 4/Tempo interval.”

For about a week I struggled with a kitchen timer, pad of paper, a near certainty that I had missed an interval somewhere and a dull headache. Then I went online and downloaded Seconds Pro for my iPhone. The app is also available for Android devices.

I found the circuit timer and compound timer features of the app to be very straightforward to use. The compound timer easily handles the above example. I set a warm up of 10 minutes, then a circuit timer for the 4 x 2:00 minute intervals with 2:00 minute rest, and a 2:00 minute cool down to cover the last interval. Then I set up the second circuit timer for the 8:00 minute Zone 4 interval with a cool down long enough to make the workout last the required 60 minutes.

I’ve used the Seconds Pro app simultaneously with iTunes, Audible and Downcast (my pod catcher of choice) with no glitches. It clearly indicates each workout segment by name and even gives a countdown. The ability to set different colors for segments of your workout also helps keep you on track.

The Bottom Line: Seconds Pro app is recommended.


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