35 Gifts for Triathletes Under $50

I’ve compiled a selection of inexpensive gifts for the triathlete in your life. We are in small gift or stocking stuffer territory here. Let’s face it your happy, little, exercise maniac needs and wants to make the big purchases themselves. If you want a bulletproof gift option a gift certificate to your local bike shop or local running store always works. The list below is a combination of products I’ve tried and recommend, items that impress me and I want to try, and stuff just to cool or weird to leave out. Enjoy!

Running Gifts

Liner Gloves

These are an essential part of a runners’s or cyclists gear for Fall and Winter workouts. They are good for cool weather runs or bike rides, can be used under windproof gloves to add insulation or worn during trainer rides if your trainer is set up in an unheated space like a garage. I’m still using TherMax and SmartWool liners. My next liner glove purchase will likely be Duraglove Reflector gloves. They include grippy bits and conductive fingertips that allow you to operate your smartphone without taking them off.

Duraglove Reflector Hi-Vis Yellow

Socks make great stocking stuffers. Weird when you think about it.

Drymax Socks

I consider these socks the gold standard for trail running. There is also a lite version.

Drymax Socks

Ironman Socks from Wigwam

This is a very durable thin sock that I’ve been running in for years.

Ironman Socks

Darn Tough Socks

I just started using these socks. So far I’m one run and one ride in and I like them. They are made in Vermont and feature a lifetime warranty.

Ultra Light Running

Ultra Light Cycling

Adorable Wool Beanie

A merino wool beanie is like a liner glove for your head. They weigh almost nothing, take up very little space in a running bag or backpack. Really handy for cold runs.

Merino Wool Beanie

Race Number Belt

Once your athlete tries a race number belt they will never go back to safety pins.

Fuel Race Number Belt


Runner’s Waistpacks

These are incredibly handy for carrying a phone and a few extra items. My Amphipod Airflow Endurance currently contains a wrist compass, whistle and a mini Bic lighter. There is also $6 cash in case I need Gatorade or succeed in ambushing the ice cream truck.

Amphipod AirFlow Lite Waistpack

Amphipod Airflow Endurance



If your runner is unsatisfied with a basic, el cheapo headlamp and not ready to spend big bucks on a specialty runners headlamp, the Petzel Tikka is an established workhorse and more than capable for lighting early morning or late evening runs.

Petzel Tikka


Microfiber Towel

Perfect for those scorching summer trail runs. Just wet and wrap around your neck. I wish I had one at Ironman Augusta.

Microfiber Cooling Towel


Flectson™ Reflective Wings

The idea here is extra visibility for those dark winter runs. Please someone buy these and send me a photo of your significant other running in them.

Flectson™ Reflective Wings

Balance Pad

I make ankle strengthening a priority during the off season. Stand on one of these in single leg stance and see how many seconds you can go before losing your balance then add 30 seconds every couple weeks.

Yes4All Balance Pad

Race Bib Number and Medal Holder

If they don’t have one, they need one.

Race Bib/Medal Hanger


Race Bib Bag

I found this on Etsy. It’s an interesting gift idea. I’m betting your runner or triathlete has enough race bibs to make a duffel bag.

Race Bib Bag


Scenic View Running Calendar

Never doubt the power of inspiration.

Runner’s Calendar

Cycling And Bike Trainer Gifts

Halo Skullcap

Its patented SweatBlock Seal channels keep the sweat from running into your eyes. I call the SweatBlock Seals channel, a sweat gutter: to-may-to, to-mah-to.

Halo Skullcap

Bike Trainer Audio Options

Riding the bike trainer can be a bit loud and a set of Bluetooth speakers or an audio extension cable to go from laptop to earbuds can really make a difference for listening to music or watching your favorite season of Arrow. Bluetooth earbuds are another option. I’ve had good luck with inexpensive MPOW earbuds for running, bike trainer and weight lifting.

MPOW Bluetooth Earbuds

Streaming the Miles Away

A subscription to a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime is another option to keep boredom to a minimum while you grind out the miles on your bike trainer. I like to do what I call unscientific intervals. Watch an action movie and pedal hard during the fight and chase scenes.

TrainerRoad Interval Workouts

TrainerRoad software allows you to do an interactive, power based, interval workout using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can even watch a movie on the laptop and still see and hear the workout at the same time. Check out the review below for a much clearer description of how it works.

TrainerRoad Website

TrainerRoad Review from BikeRadar


Zwift 3 Month Gift Card

You can also get a Zwift three month gift card so your athlete can pedal about in a virtual world. That should be long enough to get them through to warm weather.

Zwift Gift Card

Zwift Review from BikeRadar

Road ID

If you cyclist or triathlete doesn’t already have a Road ID. Get them a gift card and make sure they follow through with the purchase. Safety first. Also check out the Road ID app.

Road ID Website

Road ID App

Swimming Gifts

Jammer Swimsuit

Have you noticed that your significant other’s jammer swimsuits are faded and threadbare? Might be time to get them a new one or two. If your significant other is a woman, do not not attempt to pick out a swimsuit. Get a gift card. You’re welcome.


Finis Swim Snorkel

This snorkel is a good tool for swimmers and triathletes that want to see what their swim looks like when breathing is taken out of the equation. It is also awesome if you do a lot of kick sets and good for swimmers with neck or back issues according to reviews.

Finis Swim Snorkel

My Finis Swim Snorkel Review

Mesh Swim Bag

Noticed your athlete headed to the pool with swim fins tucked under one arm, paddles in one hand, pull buoy tucked under the other arm, wearing a swim cap. Made you want to cry didn’t it? Get them a mesh bag for their swim gear.

Mesh Gear Bag

Car Magnets

Whether the magnet says – Got Chlorine, 70.3, 100 mi, 26.2 or Ultra – nothing dresses up a car like a magnet that says I do crazy races.


The Well-Built Triathlete by Matt Dixon

A great book that will challenge your preconceived notions about the sport.

The Well-Built Triathlete

My Well-Built Triathlete Book Review

The Power Meter Handbook by Joe Friel

In your athlete got a bike power meter recently, they need Friel’s book.

The Power Meter Handbook

Triathlon 2.0: Data-Driven Performance Training by Jim Vance

Would like to actually understand that amazingly complicated graph on TrainingPeaks? This book is for you. After reading it I actually understand part of what my coach says.

Triathlon 2.0

Swim Speed Secrets for Swimmers and Triathletes by Sheila Taormina

If I could only recommend one book for improving your swim it would be this one.

Swim Speed Secrets

Audio Book

Mind Gym: An Athlete’s Guide to Inner Excellence by Gary Mack and David Casstevens Audible Audio Edition

This off season I’m listening to Mind Gym to up my mental game.

Mind Gym


Tri or Marathon or Ultra Sherpa Kit

What do you get your loyal triathlon/ultra/marathon sherpa? That steadfast individual who sees you through race season, hauls your gear around, reminds you that every race can’t be a PR and has extensive first aid skills. I’m thinking any combination of folding chair, beach towel, tote bag, book by favorite author, insulated tumbler and snacks. Throw in a Tri Sherpa hat or t-shirt. Don’t bother to wrap it. Just slip it into their car Christmas morning. You send three important messages. I love you. I am grateful for your support. Come race day, you’re going to be there for awhile.

Tri Sherpa T-Shirt

My Christmas Gift to You: Lost in Transition Podcast

Fun, Helpful, Informative. Go ahead and subscribe.

Lost in Transition Podcast

My Favorite Episode

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