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Reports and information about endurance sports training for swimming, biking, running and triathlon.

A Tale of Two Triathlon Camps

Every once in a while life serves up one of those snapshot moments. One of those times when you can clearly see where you were and where you are now. In August of this year and last year I attended the TYB Augusta Preview weekend. The difference between the two weekend experiences was dramatic. I […]

2015 Top 10 Endurance Sports Lessons

New year, new thoughts. Time to look back at a year’s worth of workouts and races for my top 10 endurance sports lessons. I started last year in a big hole thanks to an interstate relocation and return to full-time employment. Essentially my off season never happened. I found myself struggling to start some meaningful […]

Going Beyond the Sprint

Every Fall I try to go long. Usually it’s a running event like Triple Lakes trail marathon, Medoc trail marathon or Crooked Road 24 hour ultra. This year I was thinking about doing something different. I was thinking about going for some serious triathlon distance. I started looking at races and kind of sort of […]

Open Water Swim Progress

For some time now I’ve been looking to up my triathlon game. I want to go longer and move up to the international and half iron distances. Going longer means open water swimming. Going longer means getting over my fear of open water swimming. If you read my Barberitos Sprint Triathlon race report, you heard […]

The Do-Over Month

Welcome to February or as I like to call it the “do-over” month. You know how it works. In December, you tell yourself that come the New Year things will be different. You’re going to be more serious about workouts, eat a more nutritious diet, keep an up-to-date workout log, etc. Then you look at […]

Wrecker of Shuffles

If I hadn’t already picked Stumble Thru as my Medoc trail name this year I would completely go with Shuffle Wrecker. In a two-week period I managed to wreck, destroy, ruin, render inoperative or otherwise trash two iPod shuffles. What was the method of destruction: fire, impact, drop from a great height, submersion into deep […]