Category: Mental Training

Reports about the mental aspects of endurance sports includes meditation.

Holiday Stress & Triathlon Training

It’s that time of year. Parties, festive food and shopping for something that will be a hit for someone close to you. And there’s work. And there’s training. And I’m blogging again.  It can be hard to manage. Sometimes I need to remind myself that I got into triathlon for fitness and relaxation. I get […]

Sometimes I Run Angry

I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation this week. Mainly because I seem to be lacking it. In my world motivation seem to either be an all-you-can-eat buffet or a closed taco stand without much in meal choices in between. My mental landscape seems to feature waterfalls and desert vistas and not much else. I’m […]

Moments of Validation

I’ve always thought that being happy is a skill. It’s a matter of looking at the whole picture. It’s finding that ray of sunshine, wrestling it into the back of the truck and getting it home before you get it all dirty. Sure you came in last in your age group but three years ago […]

Inspiration, Serenity, Sweat and Carbs

Yes I’m predicting the title of Deepak Chopra’s next book. Actually I’m acknowledging that this particular post is all over the parking lot. Basically we have a book review, some new resources for the two-month focus on mindfulness, a training update and some thoughts about nutrition. Spoiler alert, carbs are not your friend. Can’t Swim, […]

Upgrade Your Mental Software

We’ll start 2013 looking at the mental side of endurance sports, specifically mindfulness meditation. That is meditation that emphasizes being aware of the mind, body and environment. Why? Because it was the topic that got the most votes in the blog’s year-end poll. If you’d like to voice your opinion scroll down and visit the […]

Train Your Brain

“Through running we all can learn to climb the mountain of our life in an equilibrium between restlessness and exhaustion. And, with practice, we can learn that by not thinking ahead, each footstep, each run, each day isn’t just a means to an end but a unique event in itself,” – John “The Penguin” Bingham. […]