7 Signs You Are Bad At Dieting

  1) After your last angry outburst your scale tried to escape by riding off on your Roomba.   2) Your computrainer class is having weigh-ins for accountability. In an effort to gain an edge you inhale helium before stepping on the scale. It doesn’t work but you have a new nickname: sugar quacks.   […]

7 Signs You Have an Annoying Training Partner

While out running with your training partner you sight a tornado, and they insist on running at least three more miles to stay on their training plan. Your training partner plans summer runs and bike rides around the ice cream truck schedule. Your training partner signed you up for a group exercise class that involved […]

Mind Gym

Mind Gym: An Athlete’s Guide to Inner Excellence by Gary Mack with David Casstevens   This off season I’m reading books about sports psychology looking for techniques to improve my mental game. I started with Mind Gym by Gary Mack, a sports psychologist, who worked with teams such as the Seattle Mariners and Phoenix Suns. […]

7 Signs You Might be a Bad Triathlete

  1) You ask the race director if she can move the swim to last so you can cool off after the run. She declines citing rules.   2) On the swim you collide with a buoy, overturn a kayak and startle a mallard.   3) You use a helium balloon to find you bike […]

7 Signs You Might be a Bad Trail Runner

People ask you to demonstrate your ability to touch your ankle bones to the ground Your running partners chipped in and got you elbow pads and shin guards for Christmas.  Your nicknames include root sweeper, tree checker and thud. (Yes I borrowed some trail names from Medoc Trail Races.) You get lost so often that […]

Holiday Stress & Triathlon Training

It’s that time of year. Parties, festive food and shopping for something that will be a hit for someone close to you. And there’s work. And there’s training. And I’m blogging again.  It can be hard to manage. Sometimes I need to remind myself that I got into triathlon for fitness and relaxation. I get […]

20 Gifts for Trail Runners Under $50

There is some overlap between this and my triathlete gift guide but I thought trail running needed it’s own post. I’ve compiled a selection of inexpensive gifts for the trail runner in your life. We are in small gift or stocking stuffer territory here. Let’s face it your happy, little, exercise maniac needs and wants […]