2017 Winter Challenge Triathlon

I had been wanting to try an off-road triathlon. So when two friends signed up for the Winter Challenge triathlon, I decided to get outside my comfort zone and go along for the ride. The race is one of a kind. You run seven miles on trails, paddle a kayak six miles (three laps around […]

A Tale of Two Triathlon Camps

Every once in a while life serves up one of those snapshot moments. One of those times when you can clearly see where you were and where you are now. In August of this year and last year I attended the TYB Augusta Preview weekend. The difference between the two weekend experiences was dramatic. I […]

2016 Hartwell YMCA Olympic Triathlon

Last year my first triathlon was the Hartwell YMCA sprint. I instantly fell in love with the event; the venue, Big Oaks Recreation Area; and the organization that puts it on the Bell Family YMCA. Their volunteers were and are amazing, courteous & thoughtful. Go Race Production also did an excellent job setting up and […]

2015 Top 10 Endurance Sports Lessons

New year, new thoughts. Time to look back at a year’s worth of workouts and races for my top 10 endurance sports lessons. I started last year in a big hole thanks to an interstate relocation and return to full-time employment. Essentially my off season never happened. I found myself struggling to start some meaningful […]


Once more we examine the 4th Sport, a short hint, tip, hack or link that may propel you a bit further on your triathlon journey. Basically any of the things we do besides swim, bike or run to become better triathletes. This off season I’ve been working my way through The Running Injury Recovery Program by […]

Improving Sleep Hygiene

I’m starting a new weekly post called the 4th Sport. It’s designed to be a short hint, tip, hack or link that gives an idea or fact that may propel you a bit further on your triathlon journey. We’ll start with sleep. Odds are that you’re doing it wrong or maybe you could, with a […]

Wetsuit Tricks & Tips

So you bought or rented a wetsuit for an open-water race and now you just have to figure out how to get into and out of it without damaging it. As with all things triathlon, preparation is the key to performance. Hopefully you got the wetsuit well in advance so you could practice putting it […]

Beach2Battleship 70.3

Beach2Battleship 70.3 Race Info Packet Pick-Up: Quick, easy and organized. The folks that run this event have got this down to a science. You just show up at the convention center with your picture ID, USAT card and medical form. Also have your T2 gear ready to drop off. B2B Courses: Swim: Entry for the […]

Seconds Pro Interval Timer App

Training for my first half iron distance triathlon, 2015 Beach2Battleship, I quickly realized that I needed a coach, so I hired Jamie Church of Tri Your Best (TYB). It’s been a good relationship. I think this may be the first event I’ve trained for longer than a 10K where I haven’t injured myself. Once I […]

Hartwell YMCA Sprint Triathlon

The Hartwell YMCA sprint triathlon is a great little race just over the Georgia/SC border. It also features an Olympic triathlon that starts a half hour before the sprint and shares some of the bike and all of the run course. This was a new event for me, and I wholeheartedly recommend it. It was […]